Amanda P.

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Everything was wonderful during our building process.  Joey (our builder) and David H. were in communication and easy to work with.

Amanda P 01/03/2018

Neil B & Stephanie K

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David Hitchings and Blake Widener were awesome to work with.  They both worked very hard on our behalf and also made our home building experience a positive one.

Neil B & Stephanie K 12/08/2017

Stephen & Ashlee S.

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Blake was great to work with. He was very knowledgeable and personable.

Stephen & Ashlee S. 12/08/2017

Thomas & Yan

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We really appreciate Blake’s thorough inspection of our new home.  We have a lot of confidence in the quality based on his careful review and corrections to the punch list.

Thomas &Yan 03/16/2017

Jeremy & Krystal

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Purchasing the home with Windsor was a seamless experience.  Sales Agent and Construction Manager were knowledgeable and great to work with.

Jeremy & Krystal 02/03/2017

Paul & Michelle

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Blake Widener did a fantastic job finishing construction 2 weeks early.

Paul & Michelle 01/30/2017

Nova & Mindy

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Very happy with the quality of the product.  I had a third party inspector and he stated that this house was one of the best built homes he has seen in a long time.  In the final walk-thru I felt Michael listened to what I wanted done and he already went through and marked everything up.

Nova & Mindy 11/03/2016

Gbolahan & Idowu

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Windsor’s upfront pricing of the list of upgrades was a great draw to us as it gave transparent information on the total cost.  The sales manager and construction manager were very helpful.  We’ll continue to recommend David and Mike to our friends.  They were excellent.

Gbolahan & Idowu 11/03/2016

Boris & Jellca

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Very easy process and the builder was great to work with.

Boris & Jellca 11/03/2016


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My boys and I are absolutely thrilled with our new Windsor home….In addition to the excellent customer service, the quality of a Windsor home is impeccable…If you are in the market for a new home, I strongly recommend a Windsor Homes. You won’t be disappointed!

Suzie 06/09/2016