Building Process

Stage 1: Foundation

This is when you will be introduced to your Construction Manager, the homesite is prepared, foundation forms are set, in-slab plumbing is installed, and the concrete is poured (and begins the curing process).  This is the point when many people wonder if their home will be large enough, however, seeing the foundation without the walls can be very deceiving.


Stage 2: Framing

One day there’s nothing but a concrete slab, then a few days later, there’s a house sitting on that slab – at least the framework of one, with the exterior and interior walls built.  This is when you get your first true sense of your home’s breadth and shape


Stage 3: Roofing

This is when the structure becomes “weather resistant.”  We install decking, flashing, and shingles.  This is also the time we install the windows, doors, and wrap the exterior walls with its weather-resistant barrier (WRB).


Stage 4: Mechanical Roughs

All wiring, outlets, and breaker boxes are installed.  Air conditioning and heating equipment is in place, as well as the plumbing in the walls and ceilings is installed.  This is also when the next round of municipal inspections are performed.  For all intents and purposes, the home is built by the end of this stage.  Now onto the finish outs to turn the house into a home.


Stage 5: Drywall & Exterior Finishes

After insulation is installed and all inspections are completed, the exterior and interior wall surfaces are covered and finished out.  Brick and/or stone goes up on the outside, meanwhile the drywall is installed, and texture is applied to the inside.  This is when the home begins to resemble its final form.


Stage 6: Interior Woodwork

Once the drywall is complete and the texture has cured, the finish carpenters arrive to install the interior doors and molding, as well as cabinetry, and any staircase railings and balusters.


Stage 7: Countertops, Tile & Paint

The home is then painted and/or stained and the countertops for the kitchen and bathrooms are installed.  Tile work commences shortly after the countertops are installed and finished.


Stage 8: Finish Outs

After the paint is dry and countertops are set, the finish outs get installed.  The plumbing fixtures, electrical fixtures, final flooring, and a whole bunch of other interior items get installed.  During this time, flatwork, landscaping, and sod is also installed.  Your closing date will be established by upper management during this stage of construction, and it will be communicated to you through your sales manager.


Stage 9: Builder Acceptance

This is when your Construction Manager, Sales Manager, and Warranty Manager perform thorough inspections of the entire home to ensure that it meets our high construction standards.  This is also when the final municipality inspections occur to ensure the home was built to, and above, the current building code.


Stage 10: Homeowner Orientation

Finally, your Construction Manager will introduce you to the finished product, pointing out all its unique features and systems designed specifically for the home.  Before you know it, you will have closed and been given the keys to your brand-new Windsor home.  Congratulations on your journey and welcome to the family!