Scott H. & Kerrianna K

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John Carmichael was absolutely amazing.  We could not have been happier.  Windsor is a very high quality builder.

Scott H. & Kerrianna K. 01/22/2018

Corey & Katrina M.

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Windsor, HomeBridge, and Benchmark have all been pretty great to work with.  This has been a super easy and painless/carefree building process.  We will recommend all companies to all friends and family looking to build or for services.  Lizzie, Gary, Julie are the best.

Corey & Katrina M. 01/04/2018

Danilo & Kelley V

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Great experience.

Danilo & Kelley V. 01/03/2018

Rosa & Pedro L

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Lizzie and Michael were awesome to work with.  Kept us in the loop.  Giving us up to date on a regular basis.  Great to work with.  Both Lizzie and Michael work great together.

Rosa & Pedro L 01/03/2018

Kody & Adrienne H

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Very helpful and thoughtful representatives for Windsor.  Great experience.

Kody & Adrienne H 12/08/2017

Jason & Zelda M

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Working with Lizzie, Gary and Julie was great!  They’re an awesome team!

Jason & Zelda M 10/11/2017

Bart and Tikka

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Everything went great!

Bart and Tikka 08/16/2017

Kevin & Janna

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Very impressed with Michael Cheatham and Lizzie Dean

Kevin & Janna 08/16/2017


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Lizzie and Michael were great to work with; it was a pleasure.

Ron 06/29/2017

Oliver & Megan

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LOVED our experience with Windsor and will be telling all of my friends!

Oliver & Megan 06/26/2017