Jason & Heather

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There were a few issues during our acceptance walk through; however Blake made phone calls and everything will be fixed in the next two days.  Blake has been great.

Jason & Heather 03/08/2019

Elmo & Lynzie O

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All our questions and concerns were addressed.  However I felt the cleaning and touch ups from the walk through could have been much better.

Elmo & Lynzie O 03/01/2019

Fred & Mary H.

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Great over-all experience.

Fred & Mary H. 12/17/2018

Mark & Juli M.

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Lizzie and John were wonderful.  They addressed every concern we had and went above & beyond to build our beautiful home.

Mark & Juli M. 11/29/2018

Kanem & Jessica S

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We have a beautiful home!  Thank you for being so nice and inviting.  Thank you for everything

Kanem & Jessica S 06/21/2018

Katie M

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Lizzie is the best!  She always took the time to answer any questions or concerns I had.  Highly appreciate her!

Katie M 06/21/2018

Ryan & Meredith M.

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Wonderful to work with, highly recommend them.  Lizzie and Michael were both available to answer any & all questions.  Very friendly & knowledgeable.

Ryan & Meredith 03/12/2018

Robert & Blair M

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Michael Cheatham was wonderful!!  He was extremely detail oriented and we truly felt he had a vested interest in making sure we were happy with our home.  we have bought several new homes and Michael is by far the best builder we have ever dealt with!

Robert & Blair M. 03/12/2018

Scott H. & Kerrianna K

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John Carmichael was absolutely amazing.  We could not have been happier.  Windsor is a very high quality builder.

Scott H. & Kerrianna K. 01/22/2018

Corey & Katrina M.

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Windsor, HomeBridge, and Benchmark have all been pretty great to work with.  This has been a super easy and painless/carefree building process.  We will recommend all companies to all friends and family looking to build or for services.  Lizzie, Gary, Julie are the best.

Corey & Katrina M. 01/04/2018